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Established in 1993

The National Police Aid Convoys is a UK Charity founded in 1993 to deliver humanitarian emergency relief to areas where urgently required in war-torn countries. NPAC now utilizes a core team of volunteers from all occupations, to collect, sort and deliver educational and medical supplies and equipment with up to 30 containers of much needed aid shipped to countries around Asia, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean every year.

An office space was allocated to NPAC Zambia at Apollo Park in Lusaka by Nyimba Investments Limited, a long running key partner of NPAC in Zambia. A permanent sewing workshop was also setup at Apollo Park to train tailors to produce the washable sanitary pads quickly as it was found that the sewing pace of ladies in the village clubs would not be adequate to provide for all of the school girls in need.

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Npac thanks:

We would like to thank all of the people and numerous organisations without whose support our work would not be possible around the world. We appreciate and are extremely grateful for your partnerships and generous donations/support over the years both financially and in kind;


NPAC Zambia endeavors to unleash the potential of disadvantaged women and children to succeed in life through providing resources for education, health care, livelihood skills and community development services. Child and gender development are fundamental to our work.


NPAC Zambia envisions a society where all of humanity, especially women and children enjoy healthy, secure, enlightened lives and an environment that promotes their academic, social, economic, cultural and moral development.


Provision of development aid to schools and clinics in Zambia`s 10 provinces


The primary objective since its registration in September 2018 was to assess, co-ordinate and oversee the delivery of developmental aid to the underprivileged in Zambia.

NPAC Zambia aims to empower women and girls in rural and peri-urban areas and promote gender equality through access to materials for education and reproductive health and providing the resources for a sustainable solution to curb school absenteeism due to mensuration challenges. It equips women in communities with tailoring skills and sewing machines, increasing their revenue streams and accelerate rural economic development. .

We strive to provide adolescents with the tools they need and empower them to pursue their life goals. Furthermore, we believe that by advocating for and providing adequate protection for mensuration, young girls and women can pursue opportunities they previously were not able to due to the burden of their periods.

By providing education supplies and improved health services, we ensure that girls stay in school and can make informed decisions about their bodies. We believe education and reproductive health is a key to support women and girls to become future leaders and contribute to the wellbeing of their families leading to a sustainable future.

NPAC Zambia

The primary objective since its registration in September 2018 was to assess, co-ordinate and oversee the delivery of developmental aid to the underprivileged in Zambia. 

The local branch was also tasked with monitoring, evaluating and expanding the reach of existing skills training projects for rural economic development.

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