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The National Police Aid Convoys is a UK Charity founded in 1993 to deliver humanitarian emergency relief to areas where urgently required in war-torn countries. NPAC now utilizes a core team of volunteers from all occupations, to collect, sort and deliver educational and medical supplies and equipment with up to 30 containers of much needed aid shipped to countries around Asia, Europe, Africa and the Caribbean every year.



Since NPAC first came to Zambia over 12 years ago, a team has been visiting the country every year to deliver container loads of much needed humanitarian and development aid to the country

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We would like to thank all of the people and numerous organizations without whose support our work would not be possible around the world…

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NPAC Zambia

The primary objective since its registration in September 2018 was to assess, co-ordinate and oversee the delivery of developmental aid to the underprivileged in Zambia. 

The local branch was also tasked with monitoring, evaluating and expanding the reach of existing skills training projects for rural economic development.

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